Every client is different, has different goals and comes to us with different requirements. Which is why we have to develop a new approach every time.

Our strategy is simple: listen and ask the right questions. For us as well as our clients it is important to know what’s going on beneath the surface and behind the scenes. We analyse the facts, sound out objectives, pinpoint partners and milestones, and develop effective approaches and tonalities.

We assist our clients through the entire process – from generating ideas to developing strategies, to orchestrating different communication channels and evaluating the results


Classic marketing campaigns also benefit from fresh approaches. We find these for our clients and develop ideas, messages and visual concepts that pack a punch. Whether for products or brands, we create communications strategies for institutions, associations and companies, and use the right marketing mix to deliver a focused solution.


Online and mobile channels have become indispensable communication tools. As a way of consolidating brand presence, as a marketing channel, for promoting a stand-alone product or increasing customer loyalty, they are not only extremely versatile but can be combined with all classic communications measures.

The internet provides boundless opportunities for a diverse range of digital solutions. From classic websites to viral ads for specific target groups, we develop tailor-made online measures across all new media channels, develop and program back-end solutions, websites and mobile websites, landing pages as well as mobile iPhone and Android apps. Games for smart phones and websites are also part of our repertoire.

Social Media

Social media has become an important communication platform and a vital ingredient in the communications mix. All social media instruments can be combined with other on and offline measures, or social networks can be implemented on their own: interaction and creating a dialogue is what counts.

“The customer is king” used to be just a saying. Now in the age of Web 2.0 the customer really wears the crown – a fact that we take into account in all of our work and for which we develop reliable, authentic and effective strategies. And of course we measure and assess the impact these strategies have. Whether you want to implement social media in your day-to-day business, in strategic planning or participate in our training sessions – Graco has the experience and expertise to make it happen.


The alternative approach to advertising. In our media-flooded world, guerilla marketing swims against the tide of traditional communications to make an impact that’s impossible to ignore. Our measures are unpredictable, unconventional and often interactive.

Moving away from conventional advertising, we develop ideas by bringing a bit of chaos into the mix. Guerilla marketing can strengthen classic advertising campaigns with unexpected approaches aligned to the target group. These approaches are not only attention grabbing, they underscore the client’s positive, cutting-edge and creative corporate image. Are you looking for something different? Then speak to us, we’ve got a few surprises up our sleeve.

Retail Marketing

The retail universe is changing rapidly – which poses new challenges for retail marketing. Versatility and flexibility are required. This is precisely what GRACO offers its clients from the retail world.

Whether supermarkets, department stores or shopping centres – we know what counts, and create marketing strategies that are precisely targeted, perfectly pitched and often surprising.

We cover a broad spectrum of services, from (retail) brand development and branding, to campaigns, corporate designs, image strategies, loyalty concepts, PoS and tenant communications, through to sales promotions and event planning, Web 2.0 concepts and workshops.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive marketing strategy, or need help with a particular aspect of your marketing, we offer competitively priced solutions across the board. Talk to us.

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